What to include in a ticket

The Service Desk is the best way to get support for an issue.

By creating a ticket we can ensure nothing is missed. Please ensure yourself and your staff are as descriptive as possible when listing issues, eg.

  • Inserting a screen shot of the entire screen including the URL is always helpful. 
  • What site? Is it UAT/Staging/Production? Can you give me the URL?
  • What time did it happen? How long has it been happening? Does it always happen?
  • Go to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and then paste the URL here: eg whatsmybrowser.org/b/Y8DWN6G 
  • How serious / urgent / important is this. Do you need it resolved ASAP, this week? next week? sometime?
  • What steps did you take to see this issue? Ie. I logged in as INSERT USER / in Site admin / user.. etc
  • Provide any additional context around your request


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